Your Stuff


We are going through some of your stuff. Trying to get a head start. I have identified your what seems to be 100 or so pounds of pictures. I have given up counting and am now measuring by weight. I know you gave fair warning. But you weren’t kidding. You have A LOT of pictures. I bought an expensive picture scanner on amazon, im going to do this project right. And right by you.

Ill get these digitized, and distributed.

We have had quite a few lighthearted jokes when going through some of this stuff. For instance, you love your planners. You have so many. Same with journals. I know you are aware of the soups an teas joke from when you were on the Fulfox. From the nurses, Im sure you remember ” Do you like teas?” “Do you like soups?” I’ve been saying those to Aunt Debra about journals and planners. Im not sure she gets them or not. But with you looking down on us. Im sure you are giggling. 🙂

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